Making A Game #1 | Taking The Plunge

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Finding Motivation

Feels pretty daunting starting from ZERO, I’ve always struggled with “crossing the threshold” and something as ambitious as launching a game publisher and making our first game is something that I’ve wrestled with internally for years.

I’ve found in my life I struggle to do things for myself, I’m just not a selfish person, I don’t care about things that effect me, but, I care an absurd amount about my friends and family ( even If I’m a bit of a shut in! )

So I think the best way to keep myself driven is to tackle this quest with the mindset that this isn’t for me, but for someone else, YOU. The person reading this. So one day hopefully when you’re thinking about taking that first step and embarking on your own journey, maybe, just maybe, the things I’ve written here can help you too take that first step.

Throwing Yourself Into It

So you’ve got an idea, or even, Ideas! If I had $1 for every Idea that’s faded to obscurity in my google drive or that I hastily typed out in notes in my phone at 1am when I couldn’t get to sleep I think I might have been a millionaire haha.

I really thought that my ideas had value, that surely if I kept coming up with new ones and sitting on them eventually I’de go through this big idea pile and pick out the diamonds and really make something great!

It hurts to write this but that mindset really held me back, and I don’t think I would have realised it if it wasn’t for Jamey Stemaiers amazing Your Idea Is Brilliant, Your Idea Is Worthless (KS Lesson #204). You’ll be hearing me reference his pieces a lot because he’s a huge inspiration to me, I love his work and I’m following his footsteps to hopefully build a brand and legacy like Stonemaier Games.

I’m not going to waste your time re-writing that article here because I’m not at a stage yet where I can share that wisdom as well as Jamey has but please if you’re on the precipice of starting a new chapter for yourself as a creator, take the time to read it and dwell on the lessons within.

To sum it up here’s an excerpt that really stuck with me:

“There is no such thing as a million-dollar idea. All ideas are worth $0. Your idea might be fun to talk about, but until you execute it, it has no value.”

Jamey Stemaier

With that finally cemented in my head there was only one option left really for me, pick an Idea that Halley and I loved and had come up with together and throw ourselves into it.

That’s all from this first post, I hope in someway it helps you find some motivation on your creative projects, if you ever doubt yourself just remember that everything you’ve ever seen that’s man made is made by a human being with the same potential as you. The only difference is they took that first step on their journey, and that’s all you have to do as well.

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