Making A Game #3 | The Real Step One: Learning To Make A Game

The first thing that became apparent as I was researching what it takes to launch a successful game was that my knowledge of games, specific mechanics, what makes games fun and the general process was simply not deep enough. If having a 7 year old list filled with board game ideas is the tinder, then […]

Making a Game #2 | Names are HARD

If there’s one thing Halley and I learned straight away it’s just how hard it is to create a name for something you’re planning to put hundreds of hours of work into! To name Lost Gauntlet Games we spent a good half a Saturday in deep discussion, trawling through notes and scribblings both in Halleys […]

My History With Kickstarter: Projects I love

It never ceases to blow my mind just how many board game Kickstarters are successfully funded every month, I like to think I’ve gotten much better at managing my money in the last few years but my wallet definitely trembles when I scroll through the outpourings of all these exceptionally talented people! While I’m just […]

Making A Game #1 | Taking The Plunge

Finding Motivation Feels pretty daunting starting from ZERO, I’ve always struggled with “crossing the threshold” and something as ambitious as launching a game publisher and making our first game is something that I’ve wrestled with internally for years. I’ve found in my life I struggle to do things for myself, I’m just not a selfish […]